Hello! We're a happily married couple living in NYC and our greatest dream is to be first time parents through adoption. We'll provide a new child with a loving home, full of delicious meals, big hugs, an excellent education, and lots of laughter. We are open to adopting a baby of any race or gender.

If you or someone you know is considering adoption for their child, contact us anytime:

AandGAdoption@gmail.com, or text or call at 646.284.6219

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We want to thank you . . .

. . . for taking the time to get to know us. We cannot imagine what it must feel like to make the choice you are making and we’re impressed by your bravery and generosity.

We are a happily married couple looking to provide your child with warmth and security in a loving family environment.

After facing infertility, the adoption process has brought us hope. We’ve talked with neighbors and friends who’ve adopted and experienced their joy as parents firsthand. We know this is the best path for us.

We want your child to know where they came from and that’s why we chose open adoption. We’re committed to creating a relationship that works for everyone and ensures that your child knows your love for them.

Hopefully our story on this website will show you what type of parents we’ll be--totally and completely dedicated to loving your child of any race or gender, to teaching them about the world and learning from them as they teach us. We’ll prioritize your child more than anything else in our lives.

Love, Alexandra & Geoff

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about us

Our Story

We met the "old fashioned way" when a mutual, dear friend set us up on a date. Two years later we were engaged, and a year after that we got married in Maine at the farm where Alex (full name Alexandra) grew up, with our families and closest friends there to witness.

In our time together, we've built a relationship based on discovering new interests, openly expressing love, and continuing to learn about each other. We absolutely love exploring together, whether it's going on bike rides to new coffee shops and ice cream stores in our Brooklyn neighborhood or hiking in far away places like Madagascar, where we went on our honeymoon. We also equally enjoy nesting at home - cooking, gardening on our terrace, reading together on the couch, and spending time with our community of friends. We eat dinner together at our dining room table every night and catch up on our days. We look forward to welcoming a child to that table.

One of the traits that's connected us since our first date is that we share a deep desire to be parents. As first time parents, we're looking forward to nurturing and supporting a new child as a team, communicating with each other as we learn along the way.

Geoff picks up Alex at the airport for their first trip together as a couple.

Geoff picks up Alex at the airport for their first trip together as a couple.

Just after getting engaged!

Just after getting engaged!

At a wedding in Maine--Geoff's first trip there!

About Alexandra (by Geoff)

Alexandra is a rare combination of wonderful traits that make her a wonderful friend and partner and will make her an incredible mom. She's compassionate. and takes a deep interest in other people both personally and professionally. She connects easily with our friend's children and enjoys spending time with them.

Everyone who has ever known her can recount stories of her enthusiasm and creativity. She started her own radio show at age 13, After college, she produced a feature on the homeless population in her home town.

She carries this seemingly bottomless reserve of ideas and inspiration wherever she goes. On our vacations she always finds new and unusual things for us to do, like a student led tour of Chinatown's alleys in San Francisco that turned out to be an unexpected highlight.

She brings that same compassion and enthusiasm to maintain deep and lasting relationships with friends and family. She has a strong group of friends that plan visits and trips with each other regularly year after year.

She is a source of great strength to those around her, including me. On top of all that, she is really fun!

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Things Alex likes to do...

1 - yoga (to exercise + relax!)

2 - cook new recipes

3 - take long park walks with good friends

4 - read, read, read!

5 - bike ride around favorite neighborhoods

6 - visit family in Maine!


About Geoff (by Alexandra)


Geoff is a loving partner and my best friend. He expresses his love for me openly and often, regularly putting flowers in my sock drawer and sending sweet texts during my day. He has one of the most contagious laughs and is also not afraid to cry.

He masters everything he takes on -- he’s learned how to make the best bread I’ve ever had and he can tell you anything you want to know about dinosaurs. He’s also an amazing golfer and really gets excited when he plays a good round.

He has an incredible community of dear friends from around the world - from college, law school, and the years since - and he actively stays connected with all of them. He can make anyone feel comfortable in a conversation and kids absolutely love him! He’s always so easily making his nephew Dylan or a friend’s child smile just by being himself.

I have no doubt that Geoff will be an incredible, loving dad and role model.


Things Geoff likes to do...

1 - have long meals full of good food and conversation

2 - drink good coffee and read the news

3 - play (and watch) golf with his good friends

4 - go to the theater

5 - work out at the gym

6 - read a good book (better if on the beach)


home & community

Our neighborhood

our block

We own a home on a quiet tree-lined street nestled in a neighborhood with many young families as well as long-time residents. It has wide sidewalks good for taking strolls, and a network of bike paths for further adventures. The houses on our street and the surrounding streets have yards and porches, all decorated with plants and flowers to admire as you walk by them on the way to one of the two amazing ice cream shop nearby - one just at the end of the block.

A few blocks away there's a quiet commercial street with little shops selling fish, vegetables, cheeses, plants, and more. There's Alexandra's favorite yoga studios and several family-owned restaurants. One of them is so good we often go there for our anniversary or other special occasions.


Cherry blossoms in the nearby Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

We feel lucky that within short walking distance are : the incredible prospect park, with it's ball fields, meadows, hiking paths, and open air music venue. There's also a big neighborhood playground where local families gather; and libraries, museums, and theaters, too!  We love it here.

We enjoy wandering our neighborhood on foot, or riding our bikes to nearby neighborhoods, and then returning home to relax on our roof deck or cook or do some chores. We think it'd be a great place to start a family and raise a child.


 Our home

As much as we enjoy exploring the world and the city, we also love to spend quality time at home together as a couple and with friends and family. It's decorated with things we've collected over the years or on our travels. The home we own is a spacious Brooklyn apartment with high ceiiings and lots of light. It has two nice-sized bedrooms, an open kitchen, a roof terrace, and many plants, some of which Geoff has been taking care of for more than 20 years.

Geoff has lived here for over 15 years and has enjoyed remodeling our home himself (kitchen, bathroom, staircase and more!) and watching the neighborhood grow and develop as well. The best addition was when Alexandra moved in several years ago. She's added color and warmth to our home with her red rocking chair and family photo displays, and with uncountable numbers of things that have made the space more beautiful and orderly like labeling and organizing all the previously chaotic spices and taming Geoff's slightly excessive mug collection.

Every night we have dinner together at our dining room table to catch up about our days. We share cooking responsibilities and oftentimes love cooking something together (ask us about pizza night!). We're excited to include our daughter or son in this special family time.


cooking, and eating on our roof terrace

home improvement projects, and our roof deck

home improvement projects, and our roof deck


relaxing at home with friends and family




friends & family



Our mothers , together at Thanksgiving

Our mothers, together at Thanksgiving



Both of our families include not just our parents but also siblings, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We don't all live in the same place but we love each other very much and gather often in groups large and small for holidays, celebrations, and visits.





Alexandra's parents have been together for over 49 years - and built a successful small business together that is still going strong. Their relationship has really been an inspiration for her, teaching her how to openly express love, actively listen, and practice everyday kindness in her own relationship with Geoff. Alexandra grew up in Maine and spent much of her childhood on a 200-acre family farm with a garden, a barn, and a library. 


Alex's parents have been married 49 years!

Alex and her dad plant flowers at the family farm in Maine

Her brother David is only 1 and 1/2 years younger than she is, and is one of her best friends. Whenever Alexandra goes back to Maine to visit her family (which she does regularly), she looks forward to having family lobster dinners on the farm's sunporch and watching the sunset from the barn.

Even though Alexandra has lived in Brooklyn for 12 years, she's a country girl at heart.

Alex and her brother  prepare Easter dinner

Alex and her brother prepare Easter dinner

Extended family  on the family land: Pumpkin Hill

Extended family on the family land: Pumpkin Hill

Geoff with Alex's dad at a farmer's market in Brooklyn



Geoff spent parts of his childhood in Missouri and California, before his parents settled in the southwest, where they still live. His dad is a doctor and his mom is a teacher. He's close with his parents and gets much of his curiosity, enthusiasm and commitment to public service from them.

All his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents visited each other regularly and have remained a tight-knit group. These days, the new generation is taking over the holiday gatherings, and a new crop of kids is beginning to appear at the Thanksgiving table.

Geoff's parents and oldest sister on a neighborhood walk

Nephew and cousin holiday bonding time

Geoff and his mom share a laugh in the kitchen

Geoff's mom with her sons and their wives take in some sports

Alex with Geoff's parents on a holiday visit


Geoff spent most of his childhood growing up with his sister Emily, who is  3 and 1/2 years younger and is now a professor. Later he got a brother (Jake, a metal-worker) and another sister (Laura, a graphic designer), and it has been fun to see the family grow and support each other as they go to college and start their careers.

Geoff with his sisters during a visit


Celebrating New Years with friends

Celebrating New Years with friends

A dear friend with his kids

A dear friend with his kids

Going to the theater with visiting college friends

Going to the theater with visiting college friends


Our friends are really important to us and we've both maintained long, deep relationships with people from so many different times in our lives - childhood, college, graduate school, and afterward.

We can't wait to introduce our daughter or son to our community. Our friends live all over (some as far away as London) and many of our best friends live right nearby in our Brooklyn neighborhood. Our favorite group activities involve food and conversation. We love group dinners on our terrace, visiting new restaurants together, seeing theater or a movie, or going to a weekly burger night at one of our favorite neighborhood spots. Our outings often end with ice cream and a walk. Many of our friends have children (we're often "Aunt Alex and Uncle Geoff" to them). We can't wait to watch our kids grow up together.

left:  putt-putt at a wedding

left: putt-putt at a wedding

playing at home with a friend's son

playing at home with a friend's son

college friends, still best friends

college friends, still best friends

                                                                                                                  big holiday dinner with  family and friends

                                                                                                                  big holiday dinner with family and friends






Traveling to new places is an important part of our life together. Our first trip as a couple was to San Francisco and it was there that we discovered many shared travel habits! We both love to go off the beaten path, try local food, hike to scenic views, and have conversations with people around us. Geoff is the expert navigator and Alexandra likes to research places to stop along the way. We want to continue our travel tradition with our son or daughter, introducing them to new cultures, languages, and sights from our country and our world.


Here's a slide show with a few of our favorite pictures from recent trips. Take a look:


Some top travel moments

(1) Watching lemurs play on cliffs in Madagascar,

(2) Going to a cooking class in Oaxaca, Mexico,

(3) Hiking to a waterfall in Hawaii,

(4) Being followed by sea otters (aka "the dogs of the ocean") in our kayaks in Cape Cod, and

(5) Exploring coffee shops of Seattle

IMG_1206 (1).JPG

Our promises

Our PROMISES to you . . .


Your child of any race or gender will be raised in a safe and loving home with delicious family meals and lots of laughter. 

They will have the best possible education starting from the moment they come home with us and join our family. We will always honor and nurture their curiosity about the world.

They will feel comfortable expressing their truest self whoever they are. We will support them fully as they follow their dreams and find their voice.

They will be surrounded by a caring community of friends and family who will provide love, respect, and support throughout their life.

They will be taught to value family and we'll create a safe, open space for them to share whatever is on their mind.

They will know where they came from and have a relationship with you (in whatever way you wish). They will know about their adoption journey.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Alex & Geoff

646.284.6219 (text or call anytime)

AandGAdoption@gmail.com (email)


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We're incredibly grateful that you're considering us as potential adoptive parents for your child. You'll be giving us the most amazing gift in the universe--the gift of parenthood. We'll dedicate love, attention, and energy to make sure that your child's life is the best possible.

We'd love to hear from you.

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